We are starting a new project, Roots Restaurant it has been a dream since we arrived to New Zealand, now almost 4 years later we can feel that we can touch it and feel it. Now we are a group of people doing this project together.

Very soon Roots website…

I live surrounded by nature, I depend on it, I take care of it and I share my idea and learning with the world.

Cooking is my passion, and I can cook all day long because I love food from the beginning…. like everyday is a new day… is a new beginning.

Now, something about me:

I have been cooking for more than 10 years, I was born in Chile and raised in Ecuador, I fell in love with food when I was a kid and my career started at 19 years old, after my first two years of cooking I decided to obtain my culinary certificate in Chile, four years total in my home country and I did my first big jump to an 8 month contract in a massive cruise ship, from then I didn’t stop traveling for 5 years, I went to Mexico to run the kitchen of an ecolodge, I went back to Ecuador to teach in a culinary institute and some private projects, and then one of the most important things in my career, I was accepted for one year stage at Mugaritz, I did almost everything there and it changed my mentality  and respect of my craft. I started to fall in love with nature, I decide to move to New Zealand. Nature was one of the reasons, but to live and work with my partner in a legal way was the principal. I have been living in this magical country for more than three years and we have decided to grow some roots.


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