Again it has been a long time since my last post, sometimes I think that instagram, facebook, and twitter could help to fill the gap of my blog, but not. I look back and I feel my blog is the only thing that tells the story.

2014 is gone, it was a great year with a lot of things achieved in many ways. Roots Restaurant is doing great with very good comments about our food and service; the garden is beautiful this time of the year and taking positive likes from every one enjoying dinner in it.

Michael finished with us and went on to work at Shop 8 in Christchurch; amazing person and still amazed of what he is able to do! Charlotte (front of the house) and Ruben (kitchen), the Belgiums joined us in August, beautiful couple with a lot of energy and passion to fulfill their dreams, and because of life they will leave us in March to find new adventures! We will enjoy our pre service hugs with them until the last day.

The latest is the family of three we were waiting for… Liane, Kane and Isabella have been a part of Roots since the beginning and now they physically are joining the team to take this project even further, to push boundaries and exploit the most of our brains!

It’s happening, we are still in summer and after a very busy December and the first days of January we already have things to look forward for the next 9 months. This friday 16th I have been invited to share my ideas around creativity with In The Loop, on the 2nd and 3rd of February “A Foraged North Canterbury Dinner” will take place in Waipara and Christchurch, presenting a 7 courses menu working alongside Shop Eight and Orphans Kitchen , it feels funny but we dont know what we  are cooking because we will have to foraged all of the food, prepare it and serve it to 70 people, crazy.

Pecha Kucha night will be held in Lyttelton in the new Albion Square on the 11th February, we would like to talk about positive stories about what we do.

A CONVERSATION is cooking! stay tuned because you dont want to miss out on this one…

and more….



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