Those words keep us going from day number one! I could tell you so many stories that contradict it and probably if we stopped to think in those stories we would not be were we are now.

In less than two years we have done so much, our relationship with our suppliers is better than ever and we can find incredible NZ produce for every season, with one recent addition to our menu Goat meat, it’s more than local, they roam freely on the hills surrounding our restaurant. We do more than just to know their environment, we share it!

Every day we continue building that interdependence with nature and making our customers part of that. We are here to celebrate that, our FOOD IS NATURAL!! a bigger name than just being organic or biodynamic, it means real without chemicals or highly processed attachments, we like it raw and fresh like just picked or dug or just caught.

Yes, people are looking what we are doing; they are tasting the difference and this is only the beginning…



2 thoughts on “BELIEVE IT

  1. So this is your blog, i read that you are in gye now, is good to know about you and your succes. Congrats and keep going!!

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