Almost six months later

I wrote my last post on November last year, since then we have been really busy at the restaurant, I would like to say very steady and with a notorious increase in bookings if we compare with the same time last year, so that means happiness but with more things to do.

The team in the kitchen it’s still Michael and I, with some apprentices that have been part of our team for days and weeks, for them a different perspective of a kitchen and a very different way of work, for us a good way to communicate with other cooks of what we do and to try cultivate a different approach to food that they have learned in their careers. Everyone is a winner here, young cooks get the chance to learn things that they have never done before and create their own idea of cooking and we enjoy doing it, it is part of the “big picture”, we want to see cooks doing what they feel is right, developing their own skills and creativity, with all of this we can imagine a more interesting Culinary future with a better understanding of how important is to know where your food comes from and the respect it deserves.

The dinning area is well manage by Christy, with great comments on her wine pairings, service and personal attention make us feel that we are doing the right thing, kitchen and front of the house working as ONE creating that experience our guests are looking for.

Roots team is growing, Charlotte (front of the house) and Ruben (kitchen) will join us from August, just getting ready for spring and summer seasons.

We continue working with the Harbour Coop producing pantry essentials for our community, and with more people being part of our project the more we will produce. Exiting conversations are happening right now with the possibility in create a mobile kitchen for communal use and local food production…

We continue offering 5 or 8 course degustations, some special request os 10 courses have been made (if you keen just let us know). As well as vegan and vegetarian degustations almost every week, making us more creative with our vegetables and taking them to the next level of sensorial presentation.

Now talking about spreading the word, we have created accounts for Roots Restaurant in:

Facebook          Twitter @RootsLyttelton          Instagram: rootslyttelton

you know what to do now…