Year ONE

Yes, Roots Restaurant is one year old!

After 12 hard worked months we can say it is worth it, an amazing experience of running a family business non-stop, every day something to do even that we try to keep two days a week to rest, there is not actual rest, it is in your head in your heart, and your thoughts are always wanting to make it work and be successful every single minute you are thinking in something for Roots. Family is the most important thing so we have worked out that the three of us can share our time together at the restaurant and out of it. We are all enjoying on a daily basis, Coral has “learned” some basics on cooking and even helps to keep the place tidy, such a helper!

I can say that from the kitchen we have developed an incredible skill to make menus with produce that arrives every day, this is what we have today.. this is what we use today. When it comes to produce, comparing the first day’s menu to today’s, there is a massive improvement, now we have an incredible range of fruits and vegetables coming from very small growers, some of them just growing for hobby, even during winter months (it was hard) we could not offer our 10 course degustation. 

We are still three people working at Roots, but one person will join us at the beginning of 2014, Christy (Front of the House Manager), Michael (Cook) and I, offering now only a 5 courses or 8 courses degustation, vegetarian option available in both menus as well as wine pairing. We continue only operating on a bookings only basis, but we take walk-ins if we have space on the night and if we have enough food depending on the courses. All of us overlook all the operation at Roots: garden, bees and chickens, foraging, farm picking, farm and winery visits, office management, cleaning, repairs, including all the other things to do in a restaurant. 

We opened the door to a few projects during this year and we are working to make them more tangible over the next months. Roots team participates in festivals focused on education and sharing knowledge within the community. The Sharing for Knowledge project took place three times creating three different experiences for us and our customers.

On the dream list for our garden there were chickens, bees and a glass house, well a glass house is the only thing missing, but it will come… There are 4 chickens helping us a lot with breaking down the organic waste and some delicious eggs, the bees are making honey and pollinating flowers. Now we have a better idea what it grows well and what does not in the garden, not much sun during winter but lots to do in spring and summer.

We are already planning our second year and stay alert because there will be big news for Roots.

On the day of our anniversary, 14th of November we could celebrate with a decadent carrot cake from Rushani, and our customers were delighted with truffles from Gareth in Waipara. 




We could not be were we are if is not for our supporters, you people are the best!

Thank you all, we would love to see you at Roots!