Sharing for knowledge, the next step…



We believe that education needs to be a part of everybody’s life, in an ongoing way, with curiosity as the spark to learn and be creative.  We have done 2 of these collaborations and the third will take place this weekend. The main idea is to meet people and create a conversation about food, to listen to people’s ideas and concepts about their craft and how it could be done better, having in mind a respect for food and where it comes from: mother nature.

The concept of Sharing for Knowledge is taking a better shape now. We would love to add something more than just food  and wine on those nights, we would like our customers to remember those nights as memorable, something that becomes a part of their lives in some way; like planting a little seed that could become a sprout or even a tree. We want our customers  to take home some of the knowledge we share in the kitchen, probably with that little seed we plant on that day we could have a great harvest sometime in the future. That’s the next level, to make our guest part of our own journey for a dinning experience that they will remember for a long time.


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