What we do in the kitchen

Roots is about the food, we focus in the freshness of the product over the availability. The fresher the better, not because people said that, it is because we know it, we have a garden that is 5 meters away from the kitchen with herbs and vegetables that we pick on the day because we understand that a leaf or flower is a completely different thing 12 hours before with a different texture, flavor, etc. We source our vegetables just when we need them and sometimes we pick our own from the farms. This is luxury for us and for our guests at the restaurant.

A whole lamb is treated as a whole, I mean every different cut has the same value as any other. Only whole fish arrives when we need it, crabs are still walking and shellfish breathing, game birds by order and the day after being killed. It tastes different, for us… tastes how it should be,.. and for the animal it is giving them an honest respect for their life.

We like preserving, fermenting, cultures, good bacteria and yeast. With that we can create flavors and different textures, we can prolong product’s life and we nourish ourselves and our customers with these nutritious ingredients.

Legumes and whole foods are mostly local, and we keep them on the menu all the time, malted grains, sprouted seeds, cooking legumes. We loved the availability to bring a seed to life changing its characteristics making them better for us.

Is always a good day in our kitchen, with an ingredient based menu we can keep the creativity to make interesting and different things, we feel freedom with this style of cooking and that is what it is all about, when free we feel happy and that energy is transmitted to our customers through our dishes.


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