Food projects, ideas and more

It has been almost 8 months since we opened Roots Restaurant, and we haven’t stopped for a minute to keep our project going and growing. A few projects have come to life during this time, like Project Taco that is a hit at the Lyttelton Farmers Market and in the last 2 months we have been doing our Pop-up Project Taco at The Colombo at lunch time during the week. Cheese Puffs is our latest project that we are planning to take all over New Zealand, this one is a particular bread very popular in South America and we have developed a recipe that works very well or even better than those I tried when I grew up. Cheese puffs are now served at Roots Restaurant as a first canapé  for our degustation menu, after we have many guests wanting to take these ones home, so we have decided to put them in the market. We have also started a large production for a big hotel in the region. All the ingredients are essential for us, working closer to producers and farmers to assure us that our products will continue to intrigue and satisfy our customers.

Roots Restaurant maintains it’s philosophy and continues to make people happy with our degustation menus, we have created an amazing relation with The Lab -food & design- from Otago Polytechnic having them for our first Sharing for Knowledge series at Roots with 4 students cooking side by side with us.

Today we received a box full of FOOL magazines (Best in the World food magazine), we wanted to be part of this project since I got the first issue, the information it contains is so valuable and the photography is inspiring, every article makes you want to read it more and more. We really hope to share this magazine around the country and introduce it to more and more people. So now we start with a limited amount of Fool magazines in NZ, with the vision to bring more and more as the reader base here in New Zealand grows.

What’s the idea? to make all this projects sustainable by themselves and keep producing and creating more projects in the future. We have been thinking in many ways to get this ones going, like and the more direct one is talking to people or like this post on our blog to put our idea in the universe.

Are you interested, you have something to say? please, talk to US!

One thought on “Food projects, ideas and more

  1. thanks Guilio for the wonderful Mannaki ( Maori for hospitality) that you gave us when we visited and collaborated with you last month. Your work and philosophy is truly inspirational. e look forward to seeing you here in Dunedin in a few weeks time. Also folks we are from the Polytechnic and not he University, but we do offer education of the mind and of the hand!
    Now I’m keenly awaiting my issue of Fool magazine!

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