The Tea World

This is a big thing for us, Jo Bind has introduced us to his world of tea, first were his Kombucha creations, something that changed the perception of having an alcohol free drink, full of flavor, aromas and natural fermentation that you can taste. Refreshing, different, and you feel good drinking it. So Kombucha has been on our menu since we started the restaurant next to our fresh juices and artisan NZ water.


Now we are planning to do our first dinner with tea pairings, of course, Jo will be at the restaurant explaining the teas and telling the history behind them. For this we are preparing ourselves reading, learning, getting to know people and tasting a lot of tea. We had three hours tasting just teas and my concept of this drink changed completely, it was amazingly surprising and so interesting to learn about tea production, culture and more and more…

On the 23rd of June we will be having our first tea pairing dinner at Roots. We are very exited to see how this project will fit in with the future of the restaurant. But if New Zealand is producing such a high quality tea at the Zealong plantation in Waikato, I can think it is going to be a good one.

Hopefully see you at Roots Restaurant on Sunday 23rd of June

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