The Tea World

This is a big thing for us, Jo Bind has introduced us to his world of tea, first were his Kombucha creations, something that changed the perception of having an alcohol free drink, full of flavor, aromas and natural fermentation that you can taste. Refreshing, different, and you feel good drinking it. So Kombucha has been on our menu since we started the restaurant next to our fresh juices and artisan NZ water.


Now we are planning to do our first dinner with tea pairings, of course, Jo will be at the restaurant explaining the teas and telling the history behind them. For this we are preparing ourselves reading, learning, getting to know people and tasting a lot of tea. We had three hours tasting just teas and my concept of this drink changed completely, it was amazingly surprising and so interesting to learn about tea production, culture and more and more…

On the 23rd of June we will be having our first tea pairing dinner at Roots. We are very exited to see how this project will fit in with the future of the restaurant. But if New Zealand is producing such a high quality tea at the Zealong plantation in Waikato, I can think it is going to be a good one.

Hopefully see you at Roots Restaurant on Sunday 23rd of June


Festival of Lights, Lyttelton

Thursday June 20th 2013
Jo Burzynska wine tasting, 6 wines paired with canapes from 6 till 7, $50 per person
Dinner by reservation
Friday June 21st 2013 Street Party
Project Taco on the street serving up traditional tacos from 5pm till late
Garden Light Bar in Roots Courtyard
Saturday June 22nd 2013 
Roots Restaurant turns into a Taco Bar during Farmers Market
Stories from our Place: Otago Polytechnic, Bachelor of Culinary Arts 2012/13 : Sharing Knowledge series with Dunedin culinary students, 8 courses meal from 6:30pm ($100 per person)
Sunday June 23rd 2013
Tea and Food pairing with local tea guru, Jo Bind, from 6pm (5 courses with tea matches, $90 per person)
Call us to book your place

Produce of 2013…. so far

These are some of the products that we have gathered so far this year, all of them seasonal, some foraged, some from farmers and some hand picked from our own garden.

People and their products

We believe in community and local support, basing our relationship on trust with our purveyors. 

They are an important part for us because they work the land, they connect us with nature and they make us dream in what we can create in the kitchen, they take care of their product with respect and love. For us this means happiness when we receive their products, it is important for us to feel confident with what we cook. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and passion.

Harbour Coop, Lyttelton

Avoca Valley Gardens, Hans and Janice, Christchurch

Grown, Cam and Melissa Booker, Christchurch 

BHU Lincoln University, Laura and Katie, Christchurch 

Caddie Gardens, Amy Caddie, Christchurch 

Stone Circle Organics, Gianni, Amberley  

Wyenova Organic Farm, Vanya, Christchurch 

West Melton Organic Blueberries, Sean, Christchurch

Asparagus, Chris, Little River 

Milmore Downs (flour, grains), North Canterbury

Moko Smoked eel, Robert and Bev, Rangiora

Gruff Junction, Anna Moorehead, Christchurch

Barry’s Bay Cheese, Mike, Akaroa

Retro Organic Milk, Robin, Southland

WabiO Kombucha, Jo Bind, Christchurch

Mt. Grey Olives, Olive Oil, Amberley

Wyenova Organic Farm, Vanya, Christchurch 03 3497269

Karikaas, Butter, Rangiora

Bycroft Artisan Meats, Chris, North Canterbury

Woodfield, John, Kaiapoi