Project Taco

We really like Tacos, simple as that. For that reason we started Project Taco a few months ago, actually it is going to be a year since the first Project Taco, now we are running it from the restaurant on Saturday morning at the same time as the farmers market, Brian is running a pop-up Project Taco stall at The Colombo only for lunch time from Thursday to Saturday, sometimes we go to other places. 

I remember standing in front of the tortillerias in Mexico and admiring and then eating fresh tortillas, that is why we make them at the moment, eating a tortilla like that is something special. Fermented chili sauce, tomatillo sauce, everything made from fresh products, jalapenos from Lincoln or Horotane valley as well as the tomatoes and tomatillos, our own garlic. We have found a local guy growing Chipotles and smoking them, amazing stuff. Project Taco is about making all fresh, all natural, making and using our own preserves for winter months, using great produce vegetables or meats and give to people to eat something to nourish themselves. 

I think our preserves are not going to last until next season but now we know, so ready for the next one…

We are researching to start making our own masa with NZ corn and still looking for our Project Taco Food truck. You should try.


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