Autumn is here

April started cold, our tomatoes are gone until next season and the garden beds have been cleared to let new seeds germinate for a long winter. Our bees are healthy and producing enough honey to take care of them for the next month, the chickens are doing their job really well and the color of the vegetation is changing. Mushrooms are popping from the ground like dandelions on foraging days, nuts are everywhere and apples and pear trees are producing so much that birds can not get them all (good for us!).

Five months non stop since we open and we are still new, Project Taco started almost 2 months ago at the farmers market as part of our love for street food and we have been invited to be part of a pop-up space at The Colombo, and who knows.. probably very soon our taco truck!  A la Carte and Trust the chef for lunch, short degustation on week nights, and tasting menus every night continues as part of our offering at the restaurant.

Ideas will never stop and people will be part of our process of sharing knowledge in new projects that we are working on, we want to create experiences, excitement for people, our offering is of real flavors, fresh and organic textures that probably are unknown for many or forgotten. Creations made by hand without loosing the interconnection with nature that allows for the ingredients to speak for themselves.

The design of our open kitchen more than just to share the view, we  want to share the sounds, the smells and the taste of our food, we want you to feel nourished and healthy after a meal at Roots, we want you to be part of this project as a friend that is always welcome!


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