Our Bread

The Lyttelton Farmers Market has given us the opportunity to participate with our stall to present our creations, the first week we were doing pastrami sandwiches and one customer asked if we could sell the whole loaf we had on the table, the conversation ended with him saying “bread is like any bread”.

Well no, our bread is very different. The sourdough starter is 2 years old all made from grapes and wild yeast, we source our whole wheat flour freshly milled to order from no more 100 km away, our konini wheat is hand picked, sprouted, dehydrated and milled at the moment we make our dough, for the dough we use whey obtained from the ricotta cheese we make ourselves, and a little salt from the New Zealand coast. This is our bread.

Making bread in this way means that it’s easier to digest due to the longer fermentation of more than 24 hrs, it has a natural sweetness because the grain has been brought to life when sprouting and it has a moist texture after being baked.

This bread has it’s own character and is always changing, but all the time delicious.

We know about gluten free, and we know how wheat now is a treat for many people because almost all the wheat has being modified, bleached or changed composition to create an industrialized bread with chemicals, sugars and additives. That’s why we would like people to try or do a research about gluten free allergies and get to know about breads made through a long fermentation process.

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