What’s in your head? Do you want to develop a food project, but you don’t have the space? Feel free now…

Dreams, ideas, thoughts… are just the sparkle of new energy that if the thinking process continues the outcome could be amazing or a disaster but that’s the point of trial and error, and with that we can learn something new.

We had the amazing opportunity to open our restaurant and that is why we would like to share this space with everyone who wants to free their mind and improve their skills. I Have decided to open Roots kitchen for anyone who is interested in creating or just researching anything related to food.

Let’s stay connected.



It has been a great year, and 2013 is just in less than a week.

We continue our journey to present the best of nature’s produce and  amazing things we have found so far since we opened. We are getting our seafood just within a few hours out of the water straight from the boat at the Lyttelton harbour, organic beef  and merino lamb from Darfield, Venison from North Canterbury, summer produce is always colorful, all the berries are ripening on the plant and picked daily, with the strong sun of the last weeks the chlorophyl in our greens is going up to the sky to reach the energy. Our bees are loving their new environment and preparing honey to be collected for the next year. There are 15 heirloom tomato varieties in the garden , we have put them in the best sections to get most of the heat during the day, these plants are making me nervous, they look very healthy so I think we are going to have such a crop that I am already putting ideas in my head to see what we are going to make with the fruit.

One thing that makes us different is the drink list, with kombucha being unknown  for many it becomes a love after the first try. Nick developing the wine list and Christy presenting it to the customers has made us more knowledgable about sensorial taste and how we can pair with food. Beers are not left behind with some inclusions in our pairings.

We tried our first salami… maybe out of curiosity to see how it tastes… very good, and we are sure that with the time it will develop only a better flavor every time. Adrian is preparing bresaola, pancetta and prosciutto for 2013, as well as our own recipes with the ingredients we source.

Our courtyard – edible garden is ready!!! and beautiful. The energy in that place is taking us to a different world, we love to sit there and enjoy our lives, so many more birds are deciding to make that place their home, so natural music is always on the playlist. Jose has done and incredible job …. that was unimaginable to the untrained eye … with all the waste material he found on site and created functional art. The word waste no longer exists.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been taking part in the experience we are offering at Roots and we are looking forward to a great 2013. We have a lot more work to do, we know there are a lot of great people working the land out there and we want to share more of what we do, we see Roots more than just a restaurant….

The best for all.

Roots Restaurant is OPEN

8 London St. / Lyttelton / 03 3287658 /

We are taking reservations for lunch and dinners from wednesday to sunday.

We are finishing the last details in our courtyard/garden area that will be the place for our guests to enjoy the summer days.

For any other special request like a function, private party, etc please contact us right away, we will very happy to help you. Visit us on our website where you can make bookings and inquires.

Roots Restaurant

The experience of opening our restaurant has being amazing, from the beginning until today, the people have been the most important part of this project. Everyday we have the opportunity to meet somebody who makes our day better or just share good words with us.

2 weeks have passed since we opened and we are very happy with the functioning of the restaurant. The service is been run by Christy, Patsy, Phoebe, and Juliane, in the kitchen Adrian, Xander, Mikayla and I. Awesome team!

A 10 course menu is prepared every service, with the option to choose from 5, 7 or 10, adjusting it for different dietary requirements. Part of the menu has a selection of starters to prepare our guest for the main event.

As the menu changes depending on what we prepare in the kitchen, what we find in the market and what nature offers from the garden, here is a list of the ingredients we have used in the last 2 weeks:

Asparagus      Koura       Rhubarb    Artichokes    Oxtail    Elder cordial    Eel   Courgettes    Broad beans    Spinach    Skate wings    Quail eggs    Caramel   Eggplant    Red/green cabbage     Honey comb    Goat cheeses    Beetroot    Garlic   Salmon            A whole lamb    Monk fish    Agria potatoes    Spring onions    Yogurt  Konini wheat    Organic whole milk    Cassava flour    Olive oil    Cultured butter   Radish    New onions    Flounder    Carrots    Whole wheat     Sole    Chicken wings    Turnips    Daikon    Double cream    Vanilla beans    Red onions

Thanks to everyone that came to the Karakia, on our first night and every day after that.  It is a precious thing for us to share with all of you what we love to do.