Local Growers Collective

I meet Bailey Peryman 0ver 6 months ago and our first conversation was about food and its availability in the city, and he had this great project Garden City 2.0 to create a better access of food grown local and organic. Last week I meet with him again and everything is going in the right track with the project but this time called The Local Growers Collective, as part of one of the projects for Garden City 2.0.

I feel part of this project and Bailey has all of my support to make this happen. My thought is that if we can get a group chefs, cooks, bakers,  that could sponsor/finance/share this urban agriculture project we can create a good example for the city and on the other side be the privileged ones using the best produce grown in the middle of Christchurch, as well as being part of the development of a more sustainable food system, knowledge and training for new urban farmers and to supply vege-boxes for everyone involved.

Let’s get connected to make this happen.