Is this for you?

How do you want me to call you: chef, cook, sous chef or just by your name? at the end we will create our name together. We are opening a restaurant and I need someone to trust at my side. This is a big opportunity for someone who wants to be part of our kitchen in a full time position, not only in the kitchen, part of the job is do gardening, harvesting and foraging for food so there is a lot of outdoors.

The most important part is that you believe in what we are creating. We offer a fair salary for the right person and continuous support to develop an excellent career.

Is this for you?

0211 08 60 70

This is where we are…

8 London Street, Lyttelton.

It has been a very busy last two weeks, I am working at the building doing painting, sanding, no more gaps… etc I feel really happy participating in this process of the restaurant, we have done the raised beds in our garden and planted seedlings to start up the season and my younger brother is going back home tomorrow, so great times since we have been back in Lyttelton.

So the question is when? I am very optimistic, so I prefer to keep that date reserved for a few more days. The place is getting its color and shape, but we have a lot of details to finish up before we can say a date.

Christy and I are present at the Lyttelton Farmers Market on Saturdays to promote the Restaurant and to talk to people about our project. We are looking to start getting some funding so we can achieve all the goals, for this reason we are offering Dinner Vouchers for any dinner party you have in mind  for the holiday season to come or looking forward for next year for a dinning experience in our restaurant.

Another idea we have decided to explore the Investment/Loan options, we have worked out an easy way to do this and to benefit everyone.

If you are interested in these ideas please contact me so you can be part of this great project.

Our introduction at LFM:

In our kitchen we understand that there is an interconnection between nature and humans, we learn from that and we try to replicate this relationship through the process of cooking, planting, gardening, harvesting and educating ourselves to learn in a more sustainable way of producing food.

Our Restaurant Project involves:

  • Green courtyard with a greenhouse and nature’s art wall
  • Mosaic Project
  • Sustainable Kitchen, focusing in zero waste, composting, reusing and recycling. Energy efficient equipment.
  • Local artist display
  • Community Supportive Food (CSF), local harvest produce
  • Research and Development

We want to share with everyone this story of passion and respect for the products from farmers, producers and our own kitchen, the story of every single person who is participating in the project with their skills or supporting words.