… Very soon

In a little more than a week I will be back in Lyttelton to continue the development of our restaurant. The last 6 weeks have been very important to reconnect with family and for our daughter to feel the love of so many people that have been waiting since she was born, I am very thankful with all of them, everyone has made us feel at home and all the time together it has been an incredible world of positive new experiences.

We have being following up the development of the restaurant with emails and phone calls, thank you Shannon for your support and help, I know Tim has being having a good time with the mosaic project, Dave and Steve are continuously working in the building and everyone in the community who has being supporting us, thank you all!!!

Spring has started and with that longer days then flowers and then pollen all over the place and all of us waiting for a real sunny summer. A lot to do, so many things already in the agenda for the rest of the year and the next one. I can’t wait to be there to make this something that people will continue taking part in, to share all this knowledge and make a better place for all.

Food is not for granted, it is not convenient, it is a necessity that our bodies need to stay healthy and we need to preserve it for the future in the most natural form. Science and technology are there to help keep all of those nutrients and not diminish them. Our continuous and never ending education depend on that.

See you all very soon.


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