Good food future

Imagine… a green city with a big farm that supplies a big market of Organic Food, aquaponic farms located in different locations and supplying fresh fish and vegetables, green spaces that educate and entertain, more local food shops where the good skills of people contribute to the community to create more knowledge of what we eat, a city with a lot of places to eat that makes you feel proud of what this land produces… Imagine, now let’s make it happen.

There is a big necessity of organically grown food in the city, with the farmers market functioning on the weekend it makes it difficult to get fresh products during the week. There are 2 biodynamic  farms in the city with a limited production and cold weather without a glass house is a little complicated to make a year round vegetable garden at home.

I think there is enough space to start planting food, with a good size farm that it could become an example of food resilience and self sufficiency for Christchurch, there are enough people who want to do it as well as learn to do it, and many people who think that food is what makes us what we are.

There are projects happening right now in the city: Garden City 2.0, Food Security in the Harbour Basin, Seven Oak Organics, a good example of success is Ooooby in Auckland.

We need to get together and start putting our hands in the ground now.