I wish I could be there…

Next year…


The garden, a truffle, sweet roots and butterfish


Not long ago everything started at our home table, now we have our own restaurant, yes! we have signed the lease for a great piece of Lyttelton on London St. with the opening planned to be in spring.

I have a great feeling about all of this because everything is happening when it needs to happen, our dream of having a sustainable restaurant is starting now with the planing of the back garden and glass house,  an open kitchen where the product -our flora and fauna- are the star, a dinning environment created by people to reflect our interconnection with nature.

The flow of ideas don’t stop and I don’t want them to. I want to hear ideas, advise, comments, dreams, opinions… ways of making this vision and dream come true. If this is something you would like to be involved in some way please contact me.

We would love to see and support locals within our community to be apart of this vision whether it be from hand-made chefs jackets to permaculture garden design to solar panel installation to hand-made tables and chairs to staff. These doors are open for every kind of participation.

The dreams are big and we would love to have:

hand-made plates, tables, chairs, local suppliers and producers, sustainable design architects, verticle edible wall builders, mud-brick oven design and building, solar panel knowledge, builders, kitchen designers and suppliers, restaurant set-up and planning, knowledge and advice around sustainable finances, chicken coop designer and builder and the list goes on and on.

I can’t wait to see where we are in December…


When one door closes, another one is opening. I think this is the best way to explain what is happening right now…

Every single step that we have done has being rewarding, I never had a doubt of that. Now the situation is completely different, the people know who we are and what we are able to do, the reason that moves us to express through our food what we believe in and what we want to create for the future.

Now we have the best opportunity to go further and establish Roots in a location where we will develop a green environment having a good sized backyard, growing food, to show and share this obsession of interconnection with nature and food, an open kitchen where everyone is welcome and for us the best way to show what we love to do. I want to create an inspirational space where people feel that everything is possible, a space made by people.

This time more than ever we need the people. People who believe. People who want to shift from “I” to “We.” People who really want to contribute in some way…in the way they can in the space that we have in a way that inspires them. Whether it be helping to create raised beds for the restaurant/kitchen, or making a mudbrick oven, or making tables from locally grown wood, making pottery dishes, helping to create an eco-environment. There are so many ways to be apart of this vision. We want to create a fully sustainable restaurant. We envisage solar panels, composting  our organic matter as well as contributing it to the local community garden, raised beds, vertical gardens, clothing made locally, and this goes on and on…

This is our invitation to everyone who would like to be apart of this project or who has ideas about it. Because we all need good honest food.

We would like to thank everyone who has given us their support and appreciation from the first day we started Roots and it is because of each and every one of you that this project is continuing on.