Very cold mornings but still beautiful in Lyttelton, the menu has changed at the cafe introducing roasted meats and vegetables, hearty soups and bone broths, as usual with home made bread, bacon, yogurt… everything. The Roots selection of preserved fruits, jams, caramel, etc. are for sale on the shelf inside the cafe. ¬†3 celsius outside at 8 am, at the inside area ¬†people can sit down to stay away from the cold and enjoy food and coffee.

The farm, Avoca Gardens is bringing us great autumn products: radishes, jerusalem artichokes, quinces (now Membrillo), beans, massive leeks!.. and more. In our garden things are slowing down now with less hours of sun in our side of the hill, the last harvest of tomatoes (the green ones) to make Chow Chow pickles, beans are dry enough. A good amount of winter greens and a few root crops are perfect for the garden dish and the great offering from nature of wild edible weeds from the hill is introduced in the kitchen creations.

Very good news for everyone in the community, the Harbour Coop has reached the target to buy Littel Piko, so now is an official Co-op! Great, now all Roots products including vegetable chips, fresh pasta… and more… are going to be on display and for sale at the Harbour Co-op. The fresher the better, so there is going to be just a few of each product (perishables) and we will be re-stocking every morning, our limited production of preserves made with just the amount of product that we can find or our friends share with us will be identified on the label of the jar with the story of every product.

A benefit for everyone who is part of the Harbour Co-op is that you can join many of the different workshops prepared every week, in the last week I prepared a workshop on making bread, 10 people stayed an hour in the kitchen to learn, they took a sample of my sourdough starter to experiment at home. I was very glad to hear a few days later that people are making bread every day now, that’s awesome, they know now what a really good bread taste like, and they made it!. Next workshop will be fermented foods with Christy and I.

Thanks to all that have enjoyed Roots, it is my pleasure to be in the kitchen doing my creations that in the end is because of you that all of this is happening, with every dinner we are making a better world reducing our foot print in this planet and our food miles, we are supporting local organic production, we are inspiring people to be more conscious with what we eat and spreading the word of our philosophy of sharing good and honest food.



Garden mise en place

For every dinner party Christy collects what nature provides on that day. She comes after a nice walk around the gardens into the kitchen and shows her harvest… it is like opening a gift box, every time.

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Thank you

Apples and Pears

Five different varieties, growing as close as you would like… next to our house.

Local, hand picked and tasted at the moment for delicious flavor only.


Inspiration and Nature

For four friends on saturday night, twenty courses in 4h 30min with seafood as the main focus as found in great fresh condition, so happy to see that quality. To be first time to do that, I think it was a wonderful night… memories from home far away when trying the blue cod head dish, a very special dish in the middle…. the last taste, blueberries and chilean guava.