Imagine New Zealand like the first country completely committed to sustainable food and sustainable farming, not because it is a business model, because everyone who lives in this country cares about the future for us and the next generations.

Imagine everyone involved in the way with food supply using local, organic and sustainable food, not because it is the way to attract customers, yet because we understand that eating fresh foods made locally in an organic soil is better for us and shows respect for our environment.

Imagine Chefs, Farmers, People who love food, gathering in Lyttelton for the only reason to tell the story of their food journey and what is their philosophy in this natural world. People making history to create our own New Zealand Food Manifesto.

For a better future we need to start today…


Monday 26th

A group of four, locals from Lyttelton, came for a very special seven course dinner. I love how they call it… This is food from space!… and they were the first ones to try our venison, they had the saddle, loin and neck.

The last course, a sweet warm and cold dessert… torrija, quince and chocolate.

Thank you


Boletus edulis

That’s how we know that seasons are changing and the soil retain more water making the perfect environment to produce mycelium and then the different varieties of mushrooms available.

Thank you Alex, it was a beautiful meal with this massive porcini

Every day a better day

Time goes fast, already six weeks since I started running Tommy Chang’s and the word is getting out there.

There is something special in that building…. a great group of people working together to make this project happen, the menu is printed with our creations and the people can read our philosophy and why we are doing it, every single piece of furniture, wall, plates, etc, has something to say by itself, making our environment a good way to transmit history or just something new to people. That is inspiring for us and for everyone else who enjoys what we create with our hands.

Roots made it first supper club last saturday, 22 people with 7 courses. The best part of the night was the opportunity for the people to hear a different world of food where my feelings and my love for nature are expressed during the night with the hand picked wine selection and all flavors and textures on the plate… rock…. lolly sticks… it is not food, it is an experience of my world.

This place is a place of dreams where they come true, hope to create a change and love  to be shared with everyone.