Lyttel Piko is becoming the Harbour Co-op

We are turning Lyttel Piko into a community-owned cooperative. This means that you, the customers of Lyttel Piko are being asked to buy shares in a new cooperative and become its owners. This will generate the capital needed to purchase the shop from the Te Whanau trust who currently own it, and secure funding for future growth. For you, the customers, the benefits will include price breaks on selected items, bulk buying discounts, access to workshops and seminars, more open sharing of information, and potentially profit sharing. But more importantly – we will retain the shop in our community, and you will have a direct say in how the shop is run. All members/owners will have an equal vote on major issues and will elect a board of directors which will steer and oversee the operations of the business.

We need you!

We will need 110 members by the end of March; in a week or two we will be ready to start accepting memberships, so keep an eye out for our membership application form (on this website, and at various places around the community).

In the meantime, have a look around our website for more information about the co-op.

Please follow the link: http://www.harbourcoop.co.nz/

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