The Doors

This is something that the power of human will can explain. I believe so much in this project and the success of it depends on everyone who supports it, everyone who is part of the team and understanding that doing this is for the love of food and respect for nature. Starting from scratch is not only for the kitchen… it is for everything, building up relations with the soil, with people who produce marvelous food, with everyone who comes everyday to us to experience something different and special.

This is a lifestyle, I can’t consider this my job… this is my own human nature to be and to do. I need people with a similar mentality or who would like to think like that, because learning is part of the process to get the results that we are focused on for the benefit of us all.

It is important what is in your head, if reading my blog gives you an idea and you are interested… I would love to talk to you

3 thoughts on “The Doors

  1. Hi Giulio,

    I am moved by your writing in this blog – you speak from the heart and you follow what it is telling you. If only we all did this, what a wonderful world (even more wonderful than it is) it would be. I cannot promise that you will be totally successful but I believe that if we follow what moves us, it will lead us to good places. In this society we are so used to the instant fix, good things take time, like nature takes it’s time, moving with the seasons. I wish you so well. I hope that your commitment is rewarded.

  2. Hi Giulio,

    I would love to talk to you! Being a lover of food, creative cooking and the joy it brings not only to me, but those who I am privileged to cook for, it has made me realise that food is where my heart is! I have dreams of one day pursuing this and would love to chat with you and help you out if possible. (I’m also a Lyttelton local, so figured it may well be possible!). I absolutely love your blog and follow it with great interest. Thank you for sharing your passion.

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