Towards a Community Food System

Everyday is a new step and we are finding more doors opening for us. Living in a community like Lyttelton changes your way of thinking and/or reinforces your philosophy of life. I can see a community restaurant happening here, every time there are more people aware of the food environment that surrounds us… food traveling long distances, frozen products such as proteins and vegetables, massive production of foods containing chemicals such as preservatives, emulsifiers, etc… That people are looking for something more natural, more local and healthier foods.

There is a good relation between a restaurant and a market/wholefoods shop, the restaurant depends on the products from the shop and the restaurant promotes and encourages customers to buy products from the shop by showing people what you can do with them. An in-house garden where you can shorten the distance between fresh produce and the kitchen and a local based garden where you can source a variety of products with the idea to show everyone how the nature-human relationship works to produce food, prepare it and serve it on the table.

Community = social = people. People with the same goal in mind, with different ideas but working together towards the same results. Everyone with a different task but doing it because they love the project and out of the happiness it creates for themselves and to be shared with the big family.

To offer a new world of foods or bringing back some memories, to share knowledge about food from nature, how to use it, prepare it, preserve it, eat it, etc. To promote a healthier way of eating and the social interaction of people gathering to share good and honest food on the table.

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