Tuna…It could be over…

From the Scombridae family, there are only eight different tuna species (Thunnus) and five of those eight are in risk of extinction. I am from the 80’s when the tuna was considered The Chicken of the Ocean and now, 30 years later it is almost over. I can’t believe it, I can’t understand it.

The last week someone bought a tuna for a crazy price… Is this the wake up call we need to stop buying tuna? otherwise we are going to be the killers of a whole animal species.

The problem is always the same one, it’s so profitable! that’s why there is little interest to stop overfishing this animal.

Come on! If you want to eat tuna, have a little respect and go out to fish your own and share it with the whole family to be more appreciative for something that is created by nature. Please, it is your choice.

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