Garden Manager

Christy Martin & Coral

Growing for our personal eating pleasure has now expanded to our local food parties from home as well as preserving for winter (hopefully they make it that far)! With this in mind I have been sprouting seeds like crazy. When you live mainly from the garden you realize how much you need to grow and have ongoing, ready at different stages and of course having variety to choose from is wonderful and creates more biodiversity in the garden. Our back yard was just a massive lawn on a hill. Now there are 9 terraced beds and on the edges of the garden we have sunflowers, potatoes and pumpkins. I had an idea in my head to dig a bed at the top of the hill and have the pumpkins and gerkins run down the grass. Hopefully it will be a huge success and look so much more beautiful than the lawn. I have also made a row of plants just dug into the grass; they are doing great. Soil is very important so we have 2 compost bins going, a worm farm, kelp fermentation, and organic coffee grounds from a local café. Saving seeds is a natural practice to keeping our varieties going as well as acclimating seeds to our ever-changing climate. Christy also participates in local seed exchanges to find new varieties. Recently bird nets have been going up and staking is taking place. I would love to get to the point where the garden is more of a biodynamic style, everything done in sync with the moon cycles and learn all of the different preparations. There are also plans to build a chicken coop under the plum tree and a goat would be beautiful too. We are a team growing everything from scratch from garden to table. From sprouting seeds to delighting taste buds.

As well as the kitchen the garden is the main part of our food project, nature is the star, and Christy does really well looking after the garden. She has a certificate in Permaculture, and very into herbal preparations, for example distilling, body creams, herbal teas, oils, decoctions, tinctures, vinegars, etc.


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