From Doug, with him, we have a great relationship. He is our neighbor and lives above us, the first time that I talked to him he was working in his garden (pretty much every day)  since that day we have a good connection… for us, he is a great example of a good human been.

His cousin has a farm where these eggs came from. He said the green colored eggs are duck eggs. This morning he walked over with this wonderful gift. Thank you.


On the Coast

Everywhere I go I am always trying to find edibles growing on the ground, and in Kaikoura there are plenty. In 2 different sites I found four kinds of greens: parsley, wild cabbage, wild peas and new zealand spinach.


“We’re not against fish, and we like meat – in fact, we’re not in any way sectarian – but plants are the DNA of the Nordic kitchen. And in a world where a billion people are starving, where global resources are under massive pressure and where we will be three billion more people by 2050, it would be great if we could spread the joy of eating vegetables,”

Claus Meyer

What’s the real message?

The last news… a big bakery is becoming gluten free because of the demand of these kinds of products.

How come suddenly a gluten intolerance is so important that it can change the whole structure of a company that is well stablished using wheat flour?  They said it is profitable and customers want their GF products. Really good on them.

Now, the production of corn (the most important GF flour) in the world (US 45%) has increased in the last years and comparing it with the production of wheat is 25 % superior. Corn with a better yield per hectare than wheat  and cheaper, I think it can make you change… for many reasons.

I am just a little worried to find out one day that it becomes so expensive to find wheat products that you will have to go to a specialty gourmet shop to get a real baguette.