Dalai Lama

Some beautiful and simple words from the conference at the ASB showgrounds in Christchurch on the 8th of June.

Friendship comes only with real trust

Less anger then less fear

When the dark looks transparent then you feel trust

When you feel real affection from others your sadness can calm down

Usually after fear you feel anger

To have a complete happiness in life you have to have these things: trust, compassion, inner strength, self confidence.

Because of global warming the weather change, weather patrons change and maybe natural tragedies increase. We need to think how to built better because tragedies can be worse. The whole world is not safe. We need to be prepared to live with a complicated nature.

If the government is not caring properly we should think for the next election.

Future depend on individual shoulders.

Happy life comes with your positive actions.

Many problems are created for our own actions


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