We are parents!! Coral came to the world the 1st of May at 8:43 pm. Beautiful baby and really enjoying with her this new stage of our lives. Now you can imagine how busy I have been lately, learning everyday something new and loving it more and more.

The Restaurant Schwass Team is continuing to do great with the Home Dinners with one or two a week. The new Restaurant project keeps us thinking and researching ideas, this is going to be great, no comments on this at the moment…. You can find a lot of information about us in different local magazines, Jonny is doing an awesome job talking about the new plans and philosophy, we are receiving great support from friends and costumers.

So much to do the next weeks, it could get really busy with the BIG news with are waiting for.




Wednesday 25th at 9:30 am, we went on a field trip to Waipara Wine Region, first stop was Pegasus Bay, they have a big production of wine, all kinds, I dont remember the amount of glasses of wine I tried (around 20-30), I found incredible the different projects they have done creating new wines, we were trying from the moment of pressing the grapes… sweet sweet sweet… until wines of more than 7 years old, and some other specialties.

I will be back there, very soon.

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This place is a special place, you can really be connected with nature… smell nature…, the winery is like lost in the road, just a little sign 30×40 cm big to let you know that you are at the place. Claudia started the conversation telling us the history when they found the place for the first time… to finish we tried all the best wines. Great visit and a good way to finish this trip.

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