This second session was another great time, We had four people, two of them came on the first session so was very important for me to keep the same interest and expectations. Twelve courses and one of them vegetarian, this time they had some chat time before they started (we have a new lounge suit, there is a better “house” feeling), it took a little bit more than three hours for the dinner. Really fresh produce and the vegetables at least 90% from Lyttleton, 95 % from Canterbury, 1% from the North Island (feijoas), and 2% international products (coconut and chocolate), it’s a very good percentageĀ of local food, and really well selected overseas products (organic and fair trade). I want to introduce the guests to new products and flavors. I know that around the city there are a lot of people growing specialty things in their backyards, sometime things that they don’t have an idea that they are edible, as well, I like to ask when I see fruit going bad when they don’t pick them and they are falling to the ground.

The butcher is a great person, he makes his own sausages, bacon, marinades, etc. and he always has great meats, very kind to help me when I ask for special cuts. Now I am trying to make a good relation with the fish supplier to get something different than just fish, it’s so difficult to find seafood in the market when we are surrounded by a beautiful ocean full of life.

Well , photos of the dinner are here:

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