“We have lost the building, but the restaurant is still standing… the people make the restaurant”

Being positive, that’s a very good way to  live life. Now we have the opportunity to start something new, and we want to do it different. With more time to talk and share ideas, how we want the future and how we can shape it the way that we can be happy doing what we like to do, keep talking about our philosophy and making of our passion  an experience for the others.

Our first day back was helping out at the kitchen of the Farmy Army, such beautiful people there, was incredible all the help and support for the people of Christchurch. I really enjoyed it a lot, meet great people, and feel the real community caring.

We were cooking for the volunteers of the student army and the farmers that were helping to clean out the whole city, there were around 400, then we started making dinner boxes for people who live in the most affected neighborhoods, around 150.

The last day was a little sad, like closing down a restaurant, every one was packing their belongings  and cleaning up. I believe, every one who participated would want to do it again.



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