Yes, now we go to peoples houses and cook for them; it is great! The first time with Jonny and Fred cooking for 22. We were making nice food, people celebrating around the kitchen… always parties in the kitchen… At the moment the dinner starts we keep the concentration and are plating and serving beautiful food. It’s hard work but just in a different way than in the restaurant. I always like the idea of cooking in people houses, it is more special and people are more open to share their lives and homes, which is really cool.

The second time we did two parties and split in two teams, Nicky and Jonny / Fred and I, cooking for 9, four courses and five courses. It was another great sharing time with new friends. The team of the TV show Close Up in NZ follow us for 2 days to show what we are doing now and the plans to come for the Restaurant. On Wednesday the 30th the program showed us; it was great see Jonny and how he is for real! (see the last issue of Dish magazine) such positive vibes, good heart! And me talking….. it was a weird feeling to listen to myself speaking in english, but good stuff.

You can watch it here:


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