1st Session

This is it, we made our first underground dinner party and we really enjoyed from the beginning preparing the mise en place (stocks, sauces, other ingredients, selecting the best freshest products that we could find)  during the meal, serving the people, talking about every single ingredient, explaining the components and techniques, until the end, cleaning the kitchen and using for the first time a dishwasher machine, jaja.

It was a whole new experience for us and for the costumers as well. They had never had a ten course meal before. We emphasis the products so much because they were from our guests gardens or our garden and how we use them on the plate.

Our guests understood the concept, the donation side, the special feeling of community and support. We have received a big number of callings and reservations just two days after that dinner and we feel so thankful for all these people who want to come to experience a new concept of dining.

The system works like this: Guest contact us to make a reservation and we confirm the availability, they pay the donation at least 2 days before the dinner, our guest don’t know what they are having, no menu in advance, no menu when they are at the table, BYO, we serve just water or home made juices and hot drinks after meal.

We have had good feedback from our guests who came to our first session, that’s pushing us to create more, to be innovative and to share with the community.

Thank you all!

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