I can be your personal cook! starting in Lyttelton as a home base.

I have my own garden, I can forage food around Lyttelton hills or I can cook with your own food from your garden. Simple as that, the idea is to create enjoyment, an experience of home-grown, local food movement.  I would love to do it in my house but it is going to take a while to get all my whiteware and glasses back on my shelves, as well I am trying to find a nice dinning set; it could be solid wood, recycled rimu, something like that. All my cooking equipment is still intact so there is not a problem starting this plan in the coming weeks.

It would work by making an appointment or a reservation, so we have time to work out the menu and getting the products;  three course menu, tasting menu, or just a big family meal. The sun is still out there and we need to enjoy these last warm days and nights.

What can I say about me… I love cooking, I love food and I want to share this passion with everyone. Living in my food world for more than 10 years, Latin America, Europe, USA and now New Zealand as my home. I believe in slow food, garden to table, organic, fair trade, farmers market, local food movements, and respect to nature and human beings as an essential part of my life.

I have been living in Lyttelton since December 2010 and I fell in love with this place since when I first stepped up on the deck of my house. It’s beautiful, magic and very attractive, like a magnet of good things. Great community, great people. The ocean in one side and the mountains in the other. I am so happy to tell this history after the earthquake of 22/F, grateful for life and mother earth.

I will keep you posted with more ideas and maybe the first dinner together.

Happy life, always.


One thought on “PRIVATE CHEF

  1. I love your blog and I love your whole philosophy around cooking. I am so pleased you have come up with this idea and are keeping going. All the best to you.

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