This is how they are looking now, just 4 of them are producing food, the number 5 is ready to be planted, during this period I made one more bed of 6 m2, it needs manure and compost.

Our Terrace is producing tomatoes (the jungle), and lettuces (8 varieties) and different herbs, waiting for capsicums, peas, carrots and spring onions. You can see the first photos of the garden here.

I need to find information about those weird mushroom growing in my horse manure compost.

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The other day at work I found a little plastic box with carrots, potatoes, and a note at the back door. We called the number, and yesterday we received the big package… blue potatoes, pink fur potatoes and touchon carrots.. the best part was the packaging, beautiful soil and dirt all around those gems. Nothing better than the feeling of touching, cleaning and preparing something so fresh, so flavorful.
Thank you Brian for this very special delivery.

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Canterbury Cheesemongers, this is where we get our cheeses for the restaurant, it’s feels like you are getting into another atmosphere when you walk into their new shop, actually does because the have a humidity control inside the cheese room to avoid dryness of the cheese. France, Italy, England, Spain, New Zealand made of raw, and pasteurized milk… sometime you can taste them all! If you are in Christchurch you must go there.

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3 weeks ago, Alex and I decided to buy a whole lamb and we will butchered and take half and half. I think is one of the best buy for me. The amount of meat is incredible, you have enough food for 20 people, of one leg I am making 5 different meals for 2.

The Lamb is coming from a friend’s farm located at 40 Km from central Christchurch, grass feed and home killed, Alex went to pick it up, then we hanged it in the restaurant for a week.

This is how I enjoyed.

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