If you love the planet, the air, the ocean, the forest, your food… you are not using any BP products, and try to minimize your dependency in black oil derivates.


Gallery of Colors

Nothing better than this, beautiful fresh fruit  from the orchard 30 min away from home. I made caramelized peaches, preserved nectarines, dried cherries, peaches, apricots and nectarines, and a few of them went straight to my mouth.


We have found raw milk in Lyttelton, well, specifically coming from Timaru and delivered here.  5 lt of whole raw milk, beautiful cream almost 1 lt of those 5.

For the yoghurt starter we use Clearwater’s organic yoghurt, but this time I cooked in the water bath for 5 hours at 37 C  in a glass jar.

1.6 lt of milk cooked at 90 C for 30 min, cool down in ice water until reach 37 C, add 4 full tablespoons of yoghurt starter and mix properly, cook for 5 hours at 37 C. I got the same texture of the starter yoghurt and great flavour.



Our garden is ready.

Top bed: Peas and a rock melon plant

Second bed: Tomatoes and basil

Thrid bed: Capsicums and herbs (marjoram, sage and thyme)

The last two bed are empty at the moment because we have 150 seedlings  growing of different plants to be planted is that space.

One more bed will be builded in the next week to have an extra space for new plants, maybe winter crop.

Here you can see how the garden has been developing since the last video.

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