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Every thursday we are going to Drury to get our fresh organic raw milk. They are a christian community of 10 families working towards sustainability, they work the land, and have animals, from their cows they get 90 lt of milk daily, they sell that milk to the community and no more than 5 lt per person (that’s the law in NZ). Our supply is of 3 lt of milk and 1 lt of cream a week. with that we make bread, butter and we are working to make cheese and yogurth weekly. Sauces, hot chocolate, desserts, etc are part of the menu plan with that milk. Flavour, texture, creaminess are incomparable to the supermarket milk. All the vitamins, minerals and good qualities of the milk (real milk that hasn’t been processed) are in there.

Got Real Milk?

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After all these years cooking I think I have the most reliable set of knives. I got the first Misono (fish knife) in 2008 and I love it. Now a Gyutou, Santoku and Petty are ready to be used. Very easy to keep them sharped because it has an one side edge.