My first time in this city I will never forget. The day before my trip I woke up in the morning with really bad news, a big earthquake hit the city, I couldn’t believe it but inside me I just want to go and help, things happen for a reason. It was a great reason, people there are very friendly even after the big shake they were happy, always with a big smile but they seem worried in there eyes and questioning what is going to happen next… it is still shaken there.

My visit thank you to Jonny Schwass; he was inspiring. I could image my ideas working and coming true, driving around town was smooth but the amount of buildings destroyed makes me think a lot about the future, we went to the country to visit MY GARDEN LIMITED, a group of young farmers working the land with biodynamic fundamentals growing a massive amount of vegetables, herbs, leaves, flowers ready to go to Schwass table. We visited other suppliers like fish monger, meats, cheese monger, and we passed through a free range pork farm managed by Christchurch Prison.

I want to go back, to learn more and share all my passion with them.

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