Oven for us

Our new Mini Convection Oven is great, the size is perfect for two people, really good looking and seems that it’s going to stay with us for a long time. We already made bread (30 min app), grilling cheese and eggs over polenta, and baking potatoes and chicken. It’s really fast and cooks evenly. I believe the next thing to get it will be a Thermal Circulator…

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This is something great!!! I have been using this appliance for the last 7 years in different places around the world and I love it. First thing is the quality and durability of the product; it lasts forever. Right now in the restaurant we are using the second model of Thermomix (Thermomix 3300 was launched in 1982) and then you have the multi-functionality of it, perfect to make ice creams or sorbets, cooking sauces or whatever you like and even a great use for cooking sous vide on a small scale. You have the control of temperature, speed, scales and time. Perfect!

I am a consultant now for Thermomix NZ and I want to introduce you the TM 31.

Great Taste in LA

My last trip was in June, we went to California for a family visit, at the end of our journey, just right before going to the airport we stopped in Nozawa. The best sushi in our life, all the seafood was incredibly delicious, fresh as just came out of the water, a great gift from the ocean and we were very thankful with the people behind the “raw bar”. It was a great experience and I hope more people can go and meet this little place in Studio City, 30 min from LAX.

Yellow tail, albacore, halibut, oyster, scallop, sea urchin, crab hand roll, toro, baby tuna sashimi.