Since the 10th August I am on holidays, together with Christy we decided to make it unforgettable. It has to be perfect; looking for waves, beautiful days and nights, hopefully work on a farm and learn with new people and maybe we can find our land.
My parents are coming to visit us in mid-september, my plan: show them something that they can only experience here in NZ.
I will start to work in a new project in my unstoppable culinary journey, Kermadec is the only place in NZ that I can say I’ll come back every time and work together to Peter Thornley, a magic person who makes me want to meet him more to understand and share knowledge with the rest of the team, all of them very good people with different cultures and perspectives about cooking.
I’ll come back soon, this is the time to enjoy life next to my love and family. Good things are coming for everyone.
The picture… The garden to Auckland.


I want to share one of my passions, wake up early in the morning and see how the plants are changing every day, always something new to learn with them. Lately I have been thinking about a new project, I want to create a menu with just New Zealand endemic edibles plants, I need to research and read a lot, find the uses of every single one and my priority is … if I can … find them all and grow them in our garden. to achieve my goal I need an eight courses menu to start and then non stop.
If you have any information about it I am waiting. Thanks.
Dandelions are the most prevelant plant in our garden… here it’s in the seed stage.