New equipment

Now to be part of the Lab, we have an Induction stove 2000w and a FoodSaver (vacuum packer), this time good luck with the price very affordable on sale, so now is possible to have a longer time cooking sous vide and better and proper storage.

2 thoughts on “New equipment

  1. hey, you got the vacuum, how is it working for you? a tip for liquids as mine gets sucked out is to freeze them all, but you probably knew that, cant wait till your in the kitchen

  2. when I read the manual.. freeze the liquids before you vacuum… was a surprise, maybe with this little appliance, but I never freeze the liquids before. However, I make sure that they are under 4 C and with a proper space to seal the bag and then put the bags flat on a tray to chill them. Thanks for the tip, I need to be careful when I start to use it.What do you think about having a lab in Kermadec?? A space just to create and design food?

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