Sous-Vide, 1st session

I got an induction burner this week, it is for home use so anything special, anyway it works very well to keep the temperature at 52 celcius. I used 250 grs porterhouse beef divided in two bags (125 gr) plus 2 grs salt every bag cooked in 20 min, removed from the bag and fast seared in a pan, ready to eat, the first cut was clean, not any blood, soft and so much flavour, just salt!
Next time I’ll have a better camera.


Cooking.. enjoy!

The time in the lab is to create, think, and learn how it works every product in each recipe. Is amazing see the different the stages liquid, solid, foam, bubles, etc. by the moment I am not creating any dish, just working in different aplications and see how that comes. Just taking notes by the moment.

Innovations and Development

I am going to introduce to everyone into our Lab at home: I+D (Innovations and Development) We start getting samples of different products (lecithin, metilcellulose, xanthan gum… check the pic) and buying very basic kitchen tools, then we got the Ezidri dehydrator, some books Alinea(Grant Achatz), Weeds (Isla Burgess), Texture (Martin Lersch), A Herbalist’s Medicine-Making Workbook (Gilian Painter), A Practical Guide for Sous-Vide Cooking (Douglas E. Baldwin). Our last acquisition is the Thermomix TM31. We continue planting all different kind of herbs, vegetables and fruits, now we need to find something bigger than our little greenhouse.
We are looking for other “essentials”, immersion blender, digital thermometer, vacuum packer, Roner (polyscience).