Sweet pleasure

Was one of those nights that you just want to get a sweet delight… coconut, berries, nutella and pineapple sage.

I am looking for nice designed plates, if someone knows?



Chocolate, they stabilized so well and for a long time. I tried them with nitro and they looked like frozen clouds as well I used honey and they are similar to soap bubbles (clear).

Thank’s Mugaritz.

The Garden

We start the garden on the first week of February: Chilean Guava, Calendula, Mint, Pineapple Sage, New Zealand Native Violet and Arthritis Herb, now after 4 months we add another 10 different, leaves and flowers. This weekend we plant Comfrey and Dandelion (roots, leaves and flowers uses).

Today I got in the mail a box with samples: maltodextrine, dextrose, carragenan, lecithin; we hope for the end of the month decide about getting equipment for our new business.

Gala Dinner, The Old Church Restaurant

When I make this one, Tapioca Grapes and Roasted Royal Apples Sorbet, Peppermint infused Milk and Pistachios Tuile (flowers from Andrew’s Garden) I felt so happy with the final product…. just representing a lot of the seasonal fruits in Hawke’s Bay. the sorbet was the pulp from the apples and pectin from their skins, at the end very smooth texture not too sweet and the tapioca massaging your palate.